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From The Editor: Remote Volumes and Access
It has been said that construction and mining is the world's largest manufacturer, for example, heavy highway and site construction manufacture roads, bridges and building sites. Quarries manufacture materials and mines manufacture and produce materials used in high tech items such as smart phones and smart bombs. Combined, the economic .... Read the Article
Gerry Mitchell
Mapping Mine Sites From Space
Advances in imaging satellites and data processing technology are now enabling cost effective mine site monitoring and volumetric measurement from space. Mining pit, ore stockpile, leach pad, waste dump and tailings beach surface differences are being mapped to within 20cm. A number of mine .... Read the Article
Larry Trojak
Minimal Crew, Maximum Production
Over the last decade or so, barrels of ink (and, to put it in 21st century terms, perhaps, terabytes of data) have been spent touting the benefits contractors--even smaller firms--can realize with the addition of GNSS-based equipment to their operations. Every now and then, however, a project comes along that so starkly highlights the advantage .... Read the Article
Todd Rigby
Reliable Wireless Communication—Everything is Mobile
Over the last 15 years there have been tremendous advances in wireless networking. The vast majority of commercial wireless networks, WLANS, were developed to allow enterprise users to work away from a hard wired network connection. This freedom from wired connections spread from businesses to home and beyond. As a result, we enjoy Wi-Fi access .... Read the Article
If You Grade It...
When a college student is being educated to work in a hands-on profession such as construction equipment operation, there is no doubt that simulations and labs are absolutely essential parts of the learning process. But contributing to building an actual utilized structure looks even better on the .... Read the Article
The Technology of River Shore Restoration
The approximately 81-mile Sheboygan River meanders a bit in eastern Wisconsin before emptying into Lake Michigan at the city of Sheboygan, Wis., located just 55 miles north of Milwaukee, 60 miles south of Green Bay. Over the years, heavy manufacturing along the eastern section of the river had left Sheboygan's downtown riverbed with a high .... Read the Article
Steve Blackburn
The Power of Telematics
For anyone in the construction business, there's awareness that heavy operating equipment such as backhoes, excavators, mixers, forklifts and cranes can be extremely expensive. And when this cost is considered, it quickly becomes apparent that protecting these assets is crucial. The concept of telematics may have originally .... Read the Article
Topo Tactics—How to Collect Data in the Field to Make Quality Surfaces
I have discussed how to deal with bad topo collection in the past. When the office gets a file from somewhere in the ether, is the responsibility of the data engineer to make it work. This work is at least frustrating and at worst, dangerous. When you really don't know what the surface looks like, it's hard to connect the dots of a bad topo correctly .... Read the Article
The Three C's of Data: Complete
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you design the space shuttle? One sub-system at a time. This thought is presented and will continue to be presented to all engineering students for generations to come. The thought is very simple: a complex design can be broken down into much simpler components. This applies to designing and .... Read the Article
Ron Ciccarone, PS
3D Model Preparation Options
Recently I had a conversation with a new owner of AMG equipment (Automated Machine Guidance equipment--new buzzword) about how it can be used and getting the 3D model built. They purchased equipment for the machines and also GPS rover for grade checking and staking. We had a good discussion regarding what to expect for the machine .... Read the Article
Joe Sass
FCC Adopts New Radio Broadcasting Rules
A large percentage of machine control installations rely on GNSS real-time technology. Often, radio solutions are used as the communication link between a GNSS base station and its rovers. On January 1, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established new guidelines for many of these radios. If you are in the United States and .... Read the Article
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