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Topcon FC-336 Data Controller
Specifically designed for the construction industry, the FC-336 provides field crews with access to MAGNET™ Enterprise to send and receive data files, the new controller operates with Topcon MAGNET Field, Site and Layout software, as well as Topcon Pocket 3D. The unit has an IP68 environmental rating, a Windows® 6.5 operating system and built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity, and also includes languages other than English (Spanish, French and German) and an optional global cellular modem.

Hemisphere GNSS GeoMapper Handhelds
GeoMapper 100, GeoMapper 200, and GeoMapper 300 feature a Windows Mobile operating system. The GeoMapper 500 tablet runs on the Android OS platform. All models provide high-resolution and direct sunlight readable displays. The GeoMapper 300 has dual cameras and built-in laser range. Both the 300 and 500 feature Hemisphere's high-accuracy, multi-GNSS, multi-frequency Eclipse RTK technology as standard. All GeoMapper handhelds are IP65 rating or higher for their enclosures to ensure durability in most outdoor environments.

Integrated Survey Grade Inertial Navigation
The Ekinox-D is a high performance inertial navigation system which embeds a Dual Antenna L1/ L2 GNSS receiver to deliver more robust heading and position, while increasing satellite reception availability. GNSS data and inertial information are fused by an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to improve data integrity. This computation allows the system to achieve 0.05° Roll, Pitch, and True Heading; 5 cm Heave; and 2 cm RTK GNSS position. Contains an 8GB data logger and has a high output rate (200 Hz).

The `SfinX' Excavator Concept Model
What may a Volvo excavator of the 2020s look like? This challenge was put to a team of industrial designers, and the end-result--the SfinX excavator--is already influencing today's Volvo design. The reduced weight of the machine's components makes the Sfinx more efficient, saves on steel and reduces the amount of fuel consumed during operation. The engine is no longer diesel but a small fuel cell, which produces electric energy--but emits only heat and water vapor.

A 752Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine—complete with images—is available by clicking HERE

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