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From The Editor: The Future Site
The construction industry has lagged behind in modernizing its manufacturing processes, especially when compared to other industries. There is no shortage of reasons for this preservation. The design build process has a huge number of moving parts. Implementing a revolutionary change is a major undertaking. If a few of the parts resist, the .... Read the Article
Marc Cheves
• Topcon FC-336 Data Controller: FC-336 provides field crews with access to MAGNET™ Enterprise. • Hemisphere GNSS GeoMapper Handhelds: GeoMapper 100, GeoMapper 200, and GeoMapper 300. • Integrated Survey Grade Inertial Navigation: The Ekinox-D. • The `SfinX' Excavator Concept Model: The engine is no longer diesel but a small fuel cell .... Read the Article
The Future Site
The future has not been written. -John Connor in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. This is one of my favorite movie lines. It is true the future has not yet been written, but we can get a good idea about the future direction of construction by evaluating current and emerging technologies in the industry. While it may be sexier to envision autonomous .... Read the Article
Larry Trojak
Growing Into GPS
One of the biggest concerns facing any business person today, given the still-tenuous economic climate, is over-buying/ over-building/over-extending. The boom-to-bust lessons of 2008 and beyond have been hard ones to learn, so decisions that were once made fairly easily are today first researched, then considered and reconsidered. Such was the .... Read the Article
Cutting Edge Developments in the Construction Market
The construction market continues to evolve and change. Technology has advanced the means of production and how construction businesses are run. Such technology provides valuable real-time information, which allows for better decisions to be made. Access to this information benefits the construction contractor in all areas from the .... Read the Article
Todd Rigby
On Site Communications Do Not Have To Be a Headache
Technology on heavy construction sites has evolved over time to a point where having a reliable wireless network is essential to both productivity and profitability. Wireless Local Area Networks, WLANS, are being rapidly deployed within the heavy construction industry to support production efforts on site as well as to provide ancillary benefits beyond .... Read the Article
Solar Sector Shines on Energy Storage
Last month I was a keynote speaker at the Renewable Energy and Mining Summit in Toronto. Given the quality and quantity of mining executives in attendance, I expected the mining industry with its heavy reliance on the remote delivery of a tremendous amount of power, was educated on renewable energy generation and energy storage .... Read the Article
The Three C's of Data: Clear
Machine control data must be correct, complete and clear. Simple and straightforward. If data fails in any of these three categories, it will be of only limited use. If it fails in all three, it will be of no use. As GPS and machine control become more accurate and more widely used, there needs to be greater education for those who prepare and .... Read the Article
Ron Ciccarone, PS
Thoughts from an Old 3D Modeler
I am an old bald Italian guy. I also ride motorcycles as often as possible, even trips to doctor. This makes me an old bald Italian ugly biker dude. This is pointed out to me quite often. However, I think of myself as sweet old teddy bear that is handsome and debonair. I have worked in the engineering and surveying profession since 1965, began cutting .... Read the Article
Creating Data for Site Renovation
We all like to enter a clean, flat field and commence earthmoving. Those days are mostly in the past, it seems all the good land is gone. We are now building on steeper sites and moving less than high quality dirt. The other difficult site condition is when renovating an existing site. I want to cover the issues you will be presented with and how to deal .... Read the Article
Joe Sass
Positioning Errors—Managing Project Accuracy Budgets
In the positioning domain, there is no such thing as a perfect measurement or an exact location. Digits can be added to any number to increase its precision to a point where error can be seen. Understanding the precisions of the various positioning devices that are used on modern machine control systems must be taken into account when project .... Read the Article
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