Caterpillar Equipment Tracking and Management Systems

Caterpillar is now equipping all core machines with EquipmentManager and Product Link—the remote asset management solution developed by Caterpillar and supported by Cat® dealers. The remote tracking and management system is a standard feature on new machines in the United States and Canada. Caterpillar has provided remote asset management capabilities as an option since 1998; now Caterpillar delivers these capabilities as an integral part of core machines. The new machines also come with a three-year subscription to Asset Watch, the remote asset management portion of EquipmentManager.

Caterpillar® Product Link and EquipmentManager comprise a fleet management system that provides the full depth of asset management, maintenance, and health information. Product Link can be installed on all machines, regardless of brand, in a contractor’s fleet to help simplify fleet management tasks and to help keep jobs on schedule, maintain machine health and reduce operating costs.

Using satellite technology, Product Link is the hardware that enables information flow between on-board systems and the web-based application, EquipmentManager. The remote management system provides such data as machine location, machine hours, fuel level and fault codes. The system also has geo-fencing capabilities.

EquipmentManager is a secure, web-based application that quickly sorts through machine data to identify events that require attention and delivers information in a meaningful and actionable manner. Software tools include mapping, maintenance scheduling and machine troubleshooting instructions.

Three different subscription levels—Asset Watch, Maintenance Watch, and Health Watch—are available to enable the contractor to select the types of information that best support the organization.

Benefits for fleet managers

Tracking: Through the use of GPS, Product Link can be used to track machine location and to create virtual geographic fences. The system can alert the appropriate manager when the machine moves in or out of the designated area, such as a job site or an equipment yard. Similarly, the system can report when a machine starts up at a time other than designated working hours. Automatic alerts can be sent to an e-mail box or to a cellular device for tracking location changes in near real-time.

Maximizing uptime: Product Link monitors machine hours and utilization. That data feeds maintenance-planning software that can provide customized notifications when maintenance is required. Product Link equipped machines also can be configured to alert appropriate personnel when fault codes occur. Early detection and action usually mean averting costly and time consuming repairs, such as those required when components fail. 

Refueling and lowering fuel costs: Product Link can provide estimated fuel usage for multiple machines on a site and can provide alerts indicating low fuel levels. This information enables scheduling refueling at optimum times. Other data, such as idle fuel burn, fuel by load factor and total lifetime fuel consumption, give managers the information to evaluate machine usage and to optimize fuel burn through changes in work procedures.

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