A Bingham-based laser mapping company has jointly developed a laser scanning robot

Used to Survey a Tin Mine in Cornwall

3D Laser Mapping helped to develop the robot used to create a highly accurate 3D model of the historic mine.

The robot, 3D-R1, uses the latest laser scanner hardware combined with wireless communications and advanced robotic technology.

It automatically captures millions of sub-centimetre accurate survey measurements, at speed and in dangerous or inhospitable environments.

It was developed by Jobling Purser RSV LLP with support from 3D Laser Mapping.

In its latest deployment, 3D-R1 was used to survey the mines at South Crofty, Cornwall.

Mining at South Crofty dated back to the 16th Century until it ceased in 1998.

Its owner, Western United Mines, plans to restart mining in 2011.

Western United Mines commissioned a survey of the mine’s old and new workings.

This allows a comparison between the location of old and new workings, and between actual development drives versus designed.

3D Laser Mapping supplied a high performance, long-range 3D scanner.


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