Sunshine Village Ski Resort Outfits Snowcat Fleet With Hemisphere GPS Snow Grooming Guidance System

Calgary, AB — July 13, 2010 — (TSX: HEM) Sunshine Village, a progressive ski resort located in Banff, Alberta experienced real value in the productivity and performance benefits of the Hemisphere GPS’ snow grooming guidance systems. As a result, they have started to outfit their entire snowcat fleet with the guidance systems.

Hemisphere GPS’ integrated GPS-based guidance terminal and antenna are easily mounted to a snowcat and are designed for tough environmental conditions. The color touch screen terminal displays guidance information and provides options to add positional referenced metadata relating to the mountain, resort assets and/or the snow cat itself. All data is stored in a job file for use in the snow cat during a shift and/or analyzed in the office.

Sunshine Village realized the great potential of providing guidance information to the operators and performance information to the operations manager. “We experienced productivity improvements immediately with Hemisphere GPS’ snow grooming guidance systems,” says Rod Chisholm, Maintenance Manager at Sunshine Village Ski Resort. “The ability to review the machine and operator performance really helps in our planning and decision-making.”

Sunshine Village operators can use the guidance systems to record boundaries and set flags on the screen to map tree lines, out of bounds limits, winch holds, hazards or other areas of interest. They can mark thin snowpack so that they can address it on the next pass or navigate back to the location at a different time.

With Hemisphere GPS’ snow grooming guidance systems, maintenance managers are able to review job files for operator and machine performance and concerns. It’s easy to plot speed, position, area covered and time and you can even overlay the data on Google Earth™ map images. From there, snow grooming reports can be provided to customers – either printed or sent electronically. 

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