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Welcome to the August 2011 edition of our eNewsletter.
Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the turbulent economic climate that has dominated the global news. The US government's inability to make timely and bipartisan decisions regarding debt and deficits are at the epicenter of the storm. The US credit rating downgrade has impacted global markets putting strategy sessions into high gear-overtime. As business owners and workers, this instability breeds fear, confusion, anger; emotions that stem from a feeling of helplessness.
"What to do?" - That is the trillion dollar question.
Vol1No2 Looking inward at our own businesses, focusing on lean operation, cutting unproductive projects and processes, adjusting expense outlay and investments to reflect a percentage of available revenue and stopping long enough to study new technology are all steps in the right direction. Tightening belts and taking a hard look at how things can improve are prudent in both good times and bad. We have to start this process somewhere/sometime and taking action in our own businesses eases the feelings of helplessness putting us in control.
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Advances in technology have affected most areas of our lives, including construction and magazine delivery. Bottom line, we're doing everything we can to bring you quality information in a multitude of formats. If you are considering positioning and 3D machine control technology, we're committed to serve as your knowledge base.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is any subject about which you would like to see more information.
Best regards,
Randy Noland
Managing Editor & Co-Founder
Machine Control Online

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The Advantages of MOBA 3D:

* Reliable and easy to use
* 2D or 3D configurations available
* Visual and Automatic Systems (same box solutions)
* Portability options
* Multiple GPS manufacturer's drivers
* Industry standard A/E formats (dxf, dwg)
* GNSS and/or Robotic Total Station support
* Construction machinery
* Dirt pan scraper, grader, dozer and excavator...

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Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Machine Control Roundtable: San Diego - Part 2
Earlier this month, Marco Cecala and I spoke on Civil Integrated Management at the ACSM Survey Summit. We also teamed up with columnist Joe Sass ...
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New Articles from the Machine Control Online Authors...
Randy Noland GNSS Interoperability - Mixing Receiver Brands on the Same Job Site by Randy Noland: –I have received several emails over the past few months asking about using different brands of RTK GPS receivers together on the same job site. Questions such as “Is it possible to use a..." Trimble base station with a Topcon rover? A Leica or Septentrio rover with a Javad GNSS base station? ...
Paul F. Hahn The Real World Impact of Machine Control-Part V by Paul F. Hahn: – C.D.C. Contracting, established in 1972, specializes in earth moving and utilities installation for residential, commercial and roadway projects. They are headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Progressive and forward-looking, C.D.C. first adopted machine control systems in 2008. By combining ...
Marco Cecala GPS is underutilized - Part 5 - All about Points by Marco Cecala: – Often times, the easiest answer is the best. In our quest as GPS field professionals, we sometimes do more work than necessary. Technology makes our work instantly quicker and easier. We sometimes do not go beyond the initial increase in efficiency offered by the equipment. Let's face it, the improvement …
Ron Ciccarone On the Road Again? - Roadway Data Prep by Ron Ciccarone, LS: – I am beginning a new series about developing models for roadways. Some of the current terminology is changing; the word corridor is being used quite frequently. Corridor is probably a good term, because it can be more than just a road. This could mean anything that has an alignment and a width, for instance, a ...
Joe Sass GPS Elevations - Improving Results Part 2 - Staying Out of Trouble by Joe Sass: – Typical measurements performed with GPS equipment yield results that are twice as good horizontally as they are vertically. Why? The simplest answer lays in the fact that satellite signals cannot be read from below the horizon; the geometric calculations do not provide the same angular strength of ...
Don Talend One-Two Punch - Dayton Airport by Don Talend: – Closing a runway at an international airport during the summer months-and milling and paving it under tight deadlines so that it can be reopened quickly-can put a lot of stress on a contractor. Barrett Paving Materials Inc.'s Dayton, Ohio-based Midwest Central Office recently faced just that kind of challenge and brought to bear ...
Larry Trojak All Things Great and Small - Houston Light Rail benefits from 3D Machine Control by Larry Trojak: – On a project to expand downtown Houston's light rail system, the versatility and value of GPS-based machine control becomes more evident with each passing day. Generally considered a boon to projects with vast open spaces and massive amounts of earthmoving, machine ...
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In the competitive construction business, earthmoving companies that use excavator machine guidance to their advantage will continue to succeed. Contractors have quickly realized the benefits excavator machine guidance has in road construction, foundation excavating,quarrying, mining, utility trenching, waterway maintenance, environmental remediation and many more applications.

7 Simple Ways to Grow Your Earthmoving Business


Wall Street Journal Article Spotlights Topcon Asset Management technology
Peabody Energy and Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Enter Into Technology Agreement
Caterpillar Announces Expansion Plans for Remanufacturing Facility
Leica Geosystems Machine Control Yields 10% Productivity Gains
Sokkia automated Gyro Station GYRO X determines azimuth quickly, with precision
Leica Geosystems Machine Control Yields 10% Productivity Gains for a Missouri Contractor
Leica Geosystems unveiling new Jigsaw technology at AIMEX
New Job Postings on
‘How do you Topcon?’ video contest launched
Sauer-Danfoss Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results
Leica Geosystems Enhances SP Technology
New Cat® 349E Hydraulic Excavator
Trimble Expands Product Training and Support for Agriculture
Trimble Announces Second Quarter 2011 Revenue of $407.2 Million, Up 22 Percent
Mine Site Automation an Answer to Mining Skill Shortages
Caterpillar to Open Facility in China to Produce Undercarriage Components for Hydraulic Excavators
Caterpillar Announces Expansion Plans for Remanufacturing Facility in West Fargo, ND to Support Mini
Peabody Energy and ArcelorMittal Submit All Cash Offer to Acquire Macarthur Coal
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    US credit downgrade by S&P a financial “prescribed fire?”
    Economic Armageddon – Video
    Save LightSquared? Another Perspective
    Rodney Sellers and the Haunted Bulldozer, #2
    Meet Rodney Sellers

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