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Welcome to the mid-month June 2011 edition of our eNewsletter.
Summer is in full swing and I hope it is bringing you and your business plenty of work. We are deep into production for the second issue of Machine Control Magazine. If you are interested in advertising or have an article for consideration, please contact us as soon as possible. The previous edition of our eMag is available here.
There is still plenty of time to register for the Survey Summit in San Deigo. Marco Cecala and I will be speaking on Saturday, July 9. Our topic is "Civil Integrated Management (CIM), 3D Machine Control and the PLS." We hope to see you there.
In this issue, we have seven articles, six from our exclusive MCO authors and one from Don Talend who is with us again as guest author. Don's article, "No Project Too Small" is a testimonial to the return on investment machine control can bring to any size project or firm.
Paul F. Hahn brings us the fourth in his series, "The Real World Impact of Machine Control." Marco Cecala adds two instructional videos to his article, "Producing As Built Files," the fourth in his series "GPS is Underutilized." Chad Cooper and Ron Ciccarone, both experienced data prep professionals, discuss their approach on two different applications, and Joe Sass discusses the importance of accurate localizations in "GNSS Ground Localizations - Best Practices." Finally, I have written an article titled "Machine Control Site Connectivity Using a Smartphone."
We continue to hear from our readers about new projects and bidding opportunities. If you are considering positioning and 3D machine control technology, welcome. is committed to serve as your knowledge base.
As always, I hope you enjoy this newsletter! Please stay tuned, visiting us often as we update the website daily. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is any subject about which you would like to see more information. I read each and every email.
Best regards,
Randy Noland
Managing Editor & Co-Founder
Machine Control Online

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The Advantages of MOBA 3D:

* Reliable and easy to use
* 2D or 3D configurations available
* Visual and Automatic Systems (same box solutions)
* Portability options
* Multiple GPS manufacturer's drivers
* Industry standard A/E formats (dxf, dwg)
* GNSS and/or Robotic Total Station support
* Construction machinery
* Dirt pan scraper, grader, dozer and excavator...

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GPS Is In Jeopardy!
In a recent article, we asked the question, "Is GPS in Jeopardy?" It can now be said with no doubt that the answer is YES! According to reports by entities that have been impacted and after extensive testing, there is no question that the terrestrial transmitters proposed by LightSquared and conditionally approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would ruin GPS signals in proximities up to several hundreds of miles. In fact, the test ...

Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
High Speed Dozer in Action
Short video showing the John Deere 764 High Speed Dozer in action; positioning provided by Topcon's 3D-MC² machine control system ...
Please drop a line if you have any questions or requests:
From the Machine Control Online Authors... Articles for June:
Randy Noland Machine Control Site Connectivity Using a Smartphone by Randy Noland: – As the world becomes smaller, connectivity is literally in the palm of our hands. Wireless and wired networks are everywhere and access is expanding. Advances in software, especially simpler user interfaces, make it possible for even grandma to get in on the action by video chatting with family across the globe ...
Paul F. Hahn The Real-World Impact of Machine Control- Part IV by Paul F. Hahn: – Graystone Construction made the decision to invest in machine control three years ago and has been glad they did since “Day One”. I had a chance to speak with owner, Randy Gray on his decision to take the plunge. It was not a casual decision, taking three years to evaluate the available systems and ...
Marco Cecala GPS is underutilized - Part 4 - Producing AsBuilt Files by Marco Cecala: – There are many layers to discuss regarding the topic of AsBuilts for a civil project. Let’s look at a definition first. AsBuilt files and print deliverable are specifically outlined in specifications. They however follow several standard rules. The contractor will provide 3 dimensional points taken in the …
=Chad Cooper Building a Simple Site - Cops and Breaklines by Chad Cooper: – A number of years ago a close friend of mine who is a police officer had some free time on his days off. Almost as a joke, he suggested working with me in his free time. His experience with surveying, CAD, engineering principles, or anything else engineering related was zero: he was a police officer through and ...
Ron Ciccarone Modeling a Parking Lot Part 5 – The End (but not really) by Ron Ciccarone, LS: – We have now arrived at the end of a 5 part series. I think I can remember how it started, somebody wanted to grade something. We have finished the model and taken a day or so to let our brains cool, then go back with the plans and make a final review. Quality, Quality, Quality. Now let’s make sure ...
Joe Sass GNSS Ground Localizations - Best Practices by Joe Sass: – A GNSS coordinate localization is an attempt to take space based measurements and turn them into useful northings, eastings and elevations on the ground. There is no perfect technique to accomplish this transformation. Several methods exist, but none are exact in the conversion and all have limitations. This ...
Don Talend No Project Too Small by Don Talend: – Rural Arkansas isn’t located too far beyond the reach of federal economic stimulus initiatives to receive funding to fix a two-lane county road under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Judging from the recent utilization of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-aided automated grade control on a 2.51-mile stretch ...
Sponsored by Hemisphere GPS

In the competitive construction business, earthmoving companies that use excavator machine guidance to their advantage will continue to succeed. Contractors have quickly realized the benefits excavator machine guidance has in road construction, foundation excavating,quarrying, mining, utility trenching, waterway maintenance, environmental remediation and many more applications.

7 Simple Ways to Grow Your Earthmoving Business


Topcon MS robotic series opens new era in precision measurements
Topcon 3D-MC² — John Deere 764 High Speed Dozer
Caterpillar to Open Facility in Thailand to Produce Medium Track-Type Tractors
Optron-Geofix Appointed Leica Geosystems Construction Positioning Dealer
Hemisphere GPS Announces Outback Guidance Long Range RTK Solution
Arch Coal Completes Tender Offer for Shares of International Coal Group
Capstone Mining & Far West Mining Approve Acquisition & KORES Agreement
LightSquared Flunks GPS Test
HealthWatch: Sitting Vs. Smoking
Solar flare erupts, creating spectacular images-GPS Impact?
Hands On Video - iMapWeather Radio Severe Weather App for iPhone
XYGO maps Chile's major cities with IP-S2 LiDAR
Hemisphere GPS Supplying TechGeo with Crescent GPS in Brazil
Topcon makes initial purchase of Finnish software company
Summertime Underscores Need for Highway Bill Now
Revolutionary: The new Leica 3D Disto: Measure – Project – Record
Hexagon 2011 International Conference: Stage Set for Event of the Year
GPS Is In Jeopardy!
Hexagon AB commences inaugural conference and announces new focus
Topcon’s IP-S2 is winner of Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ award
GNSS Ground Localizations - Best Practices
Survey Summit - The ACSM Annual Conference
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