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From the Editor: Remote Volumes and Access
ConExpo 2014
By Randy Noland
Marc Cheves
New Tech
Carlson, Topcon, & Spectra Precision
Press Releases
Michael W. Michelsen, Jr.
Data Flow
Troubles encountered with construction data.
By Michael W. Michelsen, Jr.
Jeff Winke
Crummy Weather…No Problem
Despite odds, contractor completes site work with help of technology.
By Jeff Winke
Angus W. Stocking, LS
Machine Controlled Excavation Makes Short Work of a Long Canal
Canal maintenance is a high priority for Jefferson Parish in Louisiana.
By Angus W. Stocking, PS
Mike Nixon
Can You Ever Have Too Much of A Good Thing?
With the right system on the right machine, re-staking can be eliminated altogether.
By Mike Nixon
Larry Trojak
Technology’s Impact Anything but Median for Albany-area Contractor
If equipment is managed properly, survey dependence can be reduced.
By Larry Trojak
Andy Donovan
Virtual Reference Systems—Setting Machines Free to Run
VRS corrections have forever changed the way corrected 3D positions are calculated.
By Andy Donovan
Joe Sass
The Cost of Technical Support and Training—Expense or Money Maker?
Training is iterative. It is not a one-time event.
By Joe Sass
New to Machine Control? A Model Start
A new series will help prevent the New to Machine Control Woes.
By Chad Cooper
The Technology Driven Job—Beyond a GPS Base and Rover
The potential exists for so much more production and profitability.
By Marco Cecala

Vol 3 - No 2

Machine Control eMagazine - Vol3, No2
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From The Editor: Hands On, From Afar
There might be something as to why one industry trade show survives and another does not. Comdex, the once massive computer show, has gone away; yet shows like Bauma, thrive. Comdex is held virtually now (online) with attendance just 1% of its hay day. Bauma 2013 is expected to set records with 500,000+ in attendance. Now these .... Read the Article
Positioning the Sun's Energy
It is predicted that by 2030, global consumption of energy will have increased 40%; thus, many world leader's and energy executives are concerned about how to meet these accelerating energy demands. While most energy debates focuses on the cleanliness and eco-friendliness of .... Read the Article
Perfect Paving Required
Not all auto racing is the same. The most popular racing series in America, NASCAR, has very little in common with the most popular racing series in the world, Formula 1. NASCAR tracks are oval, while F1 circuits are road courses featuring a combination of twists, fast turns, and long straights followed by heavy braking zones. F1 circuits include purpose .... Read the Article
MNDOT Highway Rehab Benefits from Machine-Controlled Milling
The repaving in 2012 of State Highway 212 was the site of an interesting 'first' for MNDOT, Minnesota's Department of Transportation; on this project machine control was used for both paving and, for the first time, milling as well. "We didn't set this project up as a model," says Bill Knofczynski, project supervisor in MNDOT's District 8. "In fact, this was .... Read the Article
Learning Never Stops—The Art of Keeping Current
If you thought that learning stopped on your last day of school, you're probably not reading this. Nope, those folks are still living in their parents' basement. Albert Einstein said it best: "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." Life is a learning experience. The world demands more. To be successful a contractor needs .... Read the Article
Planets Align to Nurture Grid Storage
America's grid is the largest and oldest grid in the world, requiring the most attention, improvement--and money. Mark Johnson of the Department of Energy's ARPA-E agency program commented at a conference that the grid is the "world's largest supply chain without a warehouse"--a simple statement with resounding implications. And now grid storage .... Read the Article
Curbing Impediments to Efficiency
A recent retrofit of a parking lot on the West Virginia University campus in Morgantown, WV was anything but ordinary. To do the curb work cost-effectively, the contractor would have to maintain a precise curb height amid tight radiuses and reach down below the existing asphalt pavement 14­16 inches .... Read the Article
3D Milling—Repairing Earthquake Damaged Road in Christchurch NZ
When the February 22, 2011 Christchurch City earthquake erupted, this powerful natural event severely damaged New Zealand's second-largest city and has been described as one of the nation's worst peacetime disasters. To add context, the Canterbury region had been experiencing earthquakes since the September 2010 Darfield event, with over ten .... Read the Article
Creating a Safer Workplace with Proximity Warning
Regardless of what industry you are involved in, safety in the workplace is the number one priority. Safety can be achieved through the application of legislative requirements, education, correct working practices, personal responsibility, personal awareness, and any associated and subsequent use of safety related product and tools. However, even .... Read the Article
New MOBA Solutions for Mobile Automation at Bauma
One system, many possibilities: MOBA 3D-matic. With the new 3D-matic, MOBA offers a precise and flexible 3D leveling system for graders, dozers and blades that can also be used as a 2D system. The compact "2 in 1" controller combines 2D and 3D computers in a single housing. The display as well as the sensors are also designed for use in 3D and 2D .... Read the Article
The Three C's of Data: Correct
As machine control equipment continues to become more accurate and accessible, a greater audience of users is forced to get over the hurdle of data: what it is, how you get it and how you use it. With such a large audience trying to get a handle on data, there is bound to be a lot of misunderstood ideas of what data should be and what .... Read the Article
What GPS Field Crews Can Learn From Surveyors
GPS for civil construction is a new technology. We have benefited from meteoric growth in the equipment and its adoption. Many of us can clearly remember having the surveyor come out and stake the job. Things have progressed quickly and we enjoy the combination of a surveyors work and GPS accuracy to supplement it. Before GPS, jobs .... Read the Article

Vol 2 - No 3

Machine Control eMagazine - Vol2, No3
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From the Editor: Mining our Future When we launched Machine Control Online, we reported that 3D machine control technology had been implemented on just 8-10% of the world's machines, at least those that were candidates for positioning. Our data still supports this approximation, meaning that 90% of the market has not yet made the investment. Given the well documented, positive impacts of the technology, the coming adoption .... Read the Article
Responsible Mining & 3D Machine Control When you hear the words surface mining several things may come to mind. You may think about the important role mining plays in manufacturing consumer and industrial goods. You may think how mining provides affordable energy to over 40% of the world. You may have concerns about potential risks mining can bring to the environment including air quality and ground water. Whatever your .... Read the Article
Developer/Homebuilder Has Things 'Under Control' Rob Shuster is, by nature, a patient man. He knows that his profession as a developer and homebuilder demands it, having to deal with customers who are facing one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In the past, however, that patience has been tested repeatedly, not as much by customers as by suppliers of products and services who've forced him to work around their .... Read the Article
EU Research Project ASPHALT Successfully Completed As few construction sites as possible, finished as quickly as possible--that's what everyone who uses roads wants. Only if all operations at construction sites proceed without trouble can this be attained. Additionally, if processes are reciprocally coordinated with precision, work can be completed more quickly and with optimum results. Optimum results equal top-quality .... Read the Article
How 3D Technology Pays Dividends For a whole host of reasons, Mike Viehdorfer really likes the stringless control system on his new GOMACO GHP-2800 concrete paver. He works for Manatts Inc., a diversified, family-owned construction company based in Brooklyn, Iowa. For this U.S. Highway 71 project in northwest Iowa, Mike is the project manager, and this is his second major stringless paving project. Typically .... Read the Article
Finding Government Contracts There are many opportunities for substantial contracts with the US Government. However, finding your way through all the Govt. websites and learning some of the unique Govt. nomenclature and acronyms can be a time-consuming task. In this article I will discuss some basics and key indicators that should save you a considerable amount of time. First, some basic terms you should know .... Read the Article
Data for Road Detours As our nation's infrastructure continues to be repaired and upgraded, many opportunities are presenting themselves for the contractor. We see freeways being widened and expanded, bridges being replaced and entire town's streets and utilities being redone at one time. A common thread that runs through these projects is the need for some type of detour. These are temporary and need to perform for .... Read the Article
What Is Data? Data. Model. File. TIN. Linework. Surface. DTM. Faces. The list goes on. Whatever you call it, it is the same. It's the site specific information that is uploaded into your GPS equipped machinery and devices. It's the data that makes GPS worth the investment. If you have yet to have to deal with using it, or getting it, don't feel too bad--you are not alone. As GPS equipped machinery and devices become more accurate .... Read the Article
Surveyor 2.0—The Next Generation The profession of land surveying has constantly evolved. Basic principles of trigonometry are still at the foundation of land measurements, but the roles of a land surveyor, the tools that are employed and the governance surrounding land divisions have been a continuous story of change. Today's successful land surveyor has found a way to survive the changes to his business that have .... Read the Article

Vol 3 - No 1

Machine Control eMagazine - Vol3, No1
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From The Editor: The Road Ahead Having been to the election crossroads and averted the fiscal cliff, news seems to be generally positive: the outlook for the construction industry is improving for 2013. The latest US Federal jobs report lists unemployment at 7.8% but a Washington Post report states one fifth of new jobs are in the construction industry. This is just the .... Read the Article
Filling the PNT Hole—Why Non-Satellite-Based Technology is Urgently Needed Despite its impressive legacy of success driving many essential position, navigation and time (PNT) capabilities, GPS is not an infallible system and requires improvement to meet new threats, needs and PNT challenges, some of which go beyond GPS's obvious vulnerability to interference and dependence on an aging satellite constellation. Make .... Read the Article
Lithium: A Critical Element On August 23, 2012, advanced materials giant Chengdu Tianqi Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. bought Perth-based Talison Lithium in an $847 million deal and potentially changed the course of technological development for the next century. Without much fanfare from the average consumer, a single corporation acquired control major part of the world's supply of lithium, a vital element increasingly crucial to electronic and energy .... Read the Article
Steeling an Advantage Whether it is on a personal level or in the form of a corporate direction, embracing new and innovative ideas is the cornerstone of growth. Stifling that tendency opens an organization up to the risk of stagnation and the loss of any competitive edge. Recognizing that looming possibility, Summit Industries, which had for some time been considering the use of GPS, recently made some bold moves in that direction and has .... Read the Article
Gargantuan Fast-Track Interstate Project The project is the expansion and reconstruction of 24 miles of I-15 in Utah--the equivalent of 435 lane miles. Included in the job are 66 lane miles of cross-street improvements, the rebuilds or replacements of 10 interchanges, 63 new or modified bridges, 12 temporary bridges, retaining and noise walls, and all the drainage/utility/electrical support for .... Read the Article
Surface Miners Open pit mining is among mankind's largest manufacturing and process-intensive operations. With huge investments in land, mining permits, human resources and equipment, mining companies are constantly analyzing their processes for improved production and safety. As a result of this pursuit, mining has historically unearthed new technologies that not only benefited their bottom line, but has benefited other industries .... Read the Article
Stakeless, Stringless—Top To Bottom The construction of a short stretch of a state highway in northeast Arkansas reveals the potential of using stakeless, stringless construction techniques to complete an entire highway cross-section, from subgrade to base to paved surface. Almost as importantly, the project utilizes automated grade control technologies on some machines that are relatively new to them. Starting in late summer 2012, Weaver-Bailey .... Read the Article
The Three C's of Data The first time I heard of building data, it was presented to me as a job where I would be `building data for machine control.' I had no idea what that meant. I imagined it must have something to do with moving large industrial equipment within a factory by some form of programmed automation. Now, nearly nine years later, it is fun to look back at my first thoughts and impressions of what exactly building data would be. All .... Read the Article
Hybrid Data: the Future of Road Modeling Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Ever since machine control became a productive tool, contractors have been asking engineers for more and better data. The engineers and software vendors have responded with design tools that help to provide more robust data for use in machine control. Like any change, there is an adaptation curve and growing .... Read the Article
GNSS or Total Station?—Selecting the Right Tool for the Job The world has never seen the perfect tool that does it all. In the positioning domain, both GNSS and total stations have earned their place. Especially in the construction and machine control industries, these systems have become commonplace. GNSS has strengths over total stations and total stations have strengths over GNSS. What are the considerations that should be taken into account regarding which tool to buy or .... Read the Article

New Articles Vol 2 - No 2

Machine Control eMagazine - Vol2, No2
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From the Editor: The Daily Toolbox Over the past 10+ years, 3D machine control and positioning has earned its place on today's job sites. Applications include mining, heavy highway, site construction, solid waste landfills, dredging, drilling and more. Operators have adopted a higher level of technology as part of their daily toolbox. This .... Read the Article
Man vs. Sea: Machine Control Changes the Tide The Scheldt River is the most important waterway in Flanders, Belgium. The river and its tributaries define the landscape and are considered the engine of the regional economy. One of its most important roles is being a major transportation route feeding the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Additionally .... Read the Article
German Roadwork Benefits from Technology The German Federal Government has made a strong commitment to improve its motorway infrastructure. There are four pilot projects known as "A-Models" which forge innovative long-term partnerships between the public and private sectors. Under the arrangement, private contractors .... Read the Article
Dangerous Florida Intersection Gets Major Overhaul Florida's US 27 and SR 80 are two of the state's more important secondary thoroughfares, with US 27 handling north south traffic the length of the state from Tallahassee to Miami, and SR 80 providing a major east-west connector between West .... Read the Article
The Faces of Machine Control—Different Perspectives What is Machine Control? Depending upon who you ask, the answer will probably be different. In the world of construction, we tend to think of Machine Control in terms of guidance for motor graders, pavers and shovels. But if you're a scientist, Machine Control is more about controlling .... Read the Article
Partners on the High Tech Job Site Progress has changed the face of civil construction. What are your responsibilities? Led by the vertical (bricks and mortar) world, BIM (Building Information Model) has become an improvement in construction efficiency. As I saw the increase in these advantages, we coined Civil Integrated Management, (CIM) to echo .... Read the Article
A Safer Workplace with Machine Control? Having recently been involved in an advisory capacity for a number of clients in the application of safety systems in the construction environment I thought it worthy of considering the implications of safety and machine control. The Statistics: Regardless of what industry you are involved in, safety in the .... Read the Article
Good Data—More than Just Converting Contours I have always been a major believer in using realistic examples, so here is a realistic example: your client (or company) has started work on a large parking lot project. Due to various reasons, they are now in a rush to get a one acre portion of that parking lot graded. To complicate matters, the .... Read the Article
Should I Get Training? These are questions that are often asked by people involved with technology. Should I teach myself? Can I teach myself with the manual and self-paced tutorials? Can I watch a training video? Should I attend a formal class? Should I have one-on-one custom training? Well the answer to all of these is yes. In a former lifetime .... Read the Article
Total Stations—The Other Machine Control Sensor and More For the past decade, most of the emphasis and buzz around machine Control has been about GPS. This is to be expected due to the overall versatility and lack of operational constraints that GPS brings to the table. However, there have been other positioning technologies in use on the .... Read the Article