Machine Control eMagazine - Vol2, No2
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From the Editor: The Daily Toolbox Over the past 10+ years, 3D machine control and positioning has earned its place on today's job sites. Applications include mining, heavy highway, site construction, solid waste landfills, dredging, drilling and more. Operators have adopted a higher level of technology as part of their daily toolbox. This .... Read the Article
Man vs. Sea: Machine Control Changes the Tide The Scheldt River is the most important waterway in Flanders, Belgium. The river and its tributaries define the landscape and are considered the engine of the regional economy. One of its most important roles is being a major transportation route feeding the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Additionally .... Read the Article
German Roadwork Benefits from Technology The German Federal Government has made a strong commitment to improve its motorway infrastructure. There are four pilot projects known as "A-Models" which forge innovative long-term partnerships between the public and private sectors. Under the arrangement, private contractors .... Read the Article
Dangerous Florida Intersection Gets Major Overhaul Florida's US 27 and SR 80 are two of the state's more important secondary thoroughfares, with US 27 handling north south traffic the length of the state from Tallahassee to Miami, and SR 80 providing a major east-west connector between West .... Read the Article
The Faces of Machine Control—Different Perspectives What is Machine Control? Depending upon who you ask, the answer will probably be different. In the world of construction, we tend to think of Machine Control in terms of guidance for motor graders, pavers and shovels. But if you're a scientist, Machine Control is more about controlling .... Read the Article
Partners on the High Tech Job Site Progress has changed the face of civil construction. What are your responsibilities? Led by the vertical (bricks and mortar) world, BIM (Building Information Model) has become an improvement in construction efficiency. As I saw the increase in these advantages, we coined Civil Integrated Management, (CIM) to echo .... Read the Article
A Safer Workplace with Machine Control? Having recently been involved in an advisory capacity for a number of clients in the application of safety systems in the construction environment I thought it worthy of considering the implications of safety and machine control. The Statistics: Regardless of what industry you are involved in, safety in the .... Read the Article
Good Data—More than Just Converting Contours I have always been a major believer in using realistic examples, so here is a realistic example: your client (or company) has started work on a large parking lot project. Due to various reasons, they are now in a rush to get a one acre portion of that parking lot graded. To complicate matters, the .... Read the Article
Should I Get Training? These are questions that are often asked by people involved with technology. Should I teach myself? Can I teach myself with the manual and self-paced tutorials? Can I watch a training video? Should I attend a formal class? Should I have one-on-one custom training? Well the answer to all of these is yes. In a former lifetime .... Read the Article
Total Stations—The Other Machine Control Sensor and More For the past decade, most of the emphasis and buzz around machine Control has been about GPS. This is to be expected due to the overall versatility and lack of operational constraints that GPS brings to the table. However, there have been other positioning technologies in use on the .... Read the Article
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