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From The Editor: Construction Publishing
Three years ago, at World of Concrete 2009, we launched our website, Market conditions were anything but rosy, with the construction economy in a full-on tailspin. Still, we remained optimistic knowing that machine control technology would become more ....
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Autonomous 3D Machine Control for Slipform Pavers
As we have discussed in previous articles, 3D machine control and positioning enhance many applications by assisting specific machines. The fundamental principals of monitoring and measuring a machine's movements as well as its heading and location provide basic positioning. Of course, there ....
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Help From Above
In the last 20 years or so, the face of the mid- to large-scale farming operation has undergone a dramatic change. From the use of satellite imagery to enhance irrigation efforts, to the use of computer technology to know the precise egg production of each laying hen, to truly ....
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Guidance System Can See Underwater
Any job is easier when you can see what you're doing, and so it is with excavating underwater. That's what happened last summer when contractor M. Bowling Inc., Henderson, KY, found a way to "see" underwater as the firm widened and deepened the upstream approach to the John T ....
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Technology Saves Significantly in Costs
It's not an understatement to say that construction on Hawaii is a Kevlar-tough challenge. The islands are volcanic rock that has been pushed to the surface by a still active undersea magma source making the surface one of the toughest geologies on the planet to excavate and ....
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Troubleshooting Complex Systems
Our lives are being saturated with technology. Cell phones have become mini-computers, iPODs are replacing radios, Kindles are replacing books and hotspot, http and mpeg have become common terms. Technology breeds complexity. The instruction manual for using your television ....
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The Decision to Invest in Machine Control: A Leap of Faith
Before making a capital investment, a thorough investigation of all the cost and benefits is prudent. Determining how such a purchase will affect your productivity and your profitability is paramount. One way to arrive at an informed decision is to perform a Return on Investment (ROI) ....
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Landfill Machine Control: Site Software and System Benefits
Welcome to the final part of the series about Landfill and machine control. So far we have covered landfill fundamentals, and an appreciation of landfill machine control from the system and user perspective. This final article will conclude with a look at the office software suite, its ....
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An Interview with Machine Control Users
I thought it might be a good idea to talk to some of my machine control customers and get their comments and experiences. I do most of my contact with my clients by phone and internet. I have personally only met a couple of them. Interesting how business has changed in the digital ....
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Data Management Strategies: Going Beyond the Model
One of the big advantages of our magazine is the talent. Industry leading experts are always providing the user with newer and better ways to build data. As my role at Take-off Professionals has progressed from full time data building to some data and more management, I get a chance ....
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