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Editorial: Welcome to the digital charter issue of Machine Control Magazine!
When we launched Machine Control Online (MCO) at the 2009 World of Concrete, our goal was to advance positioning and 3D machine control technology through articles, news and education. This remains our mission today as we increase our footprint through the launch of a new digital magazine. Machine Control Magazine ....
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Re-Thinking Return on Investment Analysis
Most frequently, Return on Investment (ROI) is thought of in terms of a payback timeline. “How long will it take to pay for itself?” is one of the questions that express this kind of thinking: Some refer to it as the “Payback Period”. This is a reasonable way to look at an investment that must be charged to only the current job, as that is an important budgeting issue. With productivity-enhancing technology  ....
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New West Virginia Armories Taking Shape
There’s little denying that the face of the Army National Guard has changed in the last couple decades. Once considered “Weekend Warriors,” members of The Guard now represent a critical component in this country’s active fighting force. In fact, according to a 2004 Congressional Research Service report, soldiers considered  ....
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Drainage on the Money
Since 1975, the folks at Agrodrain Systems Limited have been installing drainage pipe in the farmland of eastern Ontario and western Quebec, in Canada. The company installs hundreds of miles of pipe each year over thousands of acres — and Agrodrain president John Wielgut wants to keep the drainage plow moving. In one pass, the plow cuts a slot and knifes drainage pipe into the ground. An ....
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Machine Control and the Land Surveyor
One thing I try to convince my machine control clients to do on every project before construction begins, is a topographic verification survey of the project site. This is one of the remaining opportunities that land surveyors can perform for their machine control clients and there is no one more qualified to perform a topo verification survey than land surveyors. Land surveyors have always ....
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Trimble Business Center
Trimble has released a new software product line that covers more than one of its business areas. Business Center (BC) supports the Survey and Heavy Construction Division each of which has their own vertical markets. I consider this to be a smart move by Trimble, because there is some cross over between these markets. I attended a week long training session in Denver during the month of ....
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Powerful Software Helps Contractor Excel
It’s the brains and the heart. Without it, nothing happens. “Having powerful, current software embedded in the technologies we’re using allows us to be in control of the jobsite, achieve precision grades, increase productivity, and essentially shift the way we conduct our business,” states Wally Stanton, project supervisor, with Len Corcoran Excavating, Ltd., Elginburg, Ontario. “We’ve been Trimble technology ....
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Survey Monuments
Land Surveying is arguably one of the oldest professions in the world. Historians have deduced that the ancient Egyptians were among the first civilizations to use land surveying techniques while building the great pyramids. For both the ancient and the modern day construction projects, land survey monuments in the ground have been necessary for directing the movement of material, definition of ....
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Landfill and Machine Control
Until recently landfill has never been an activity that has been associated with machine control, machine control has traditionally been linked to the more prestigious activities such as large scale civil engineering and construction projects where the return on investment (ROI) is very measurable in the terms of materials (removed and applied), labour and time. However, as the technology of  ....
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The Profitable Implementation of CIM, Civil Integrated Management
The world is changing; we are no longer obligated to perform site construction using the same methods we used fifteen years ago. Automated Machine Guidance and related new tools have improved efficiency and profitability. Contractors around the world have acknowledged the advantages of these new technologies. There seems to be a disconnect when it comes time to implement these changes into the ....
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What type of data is protecting your Machine Control?
My lineman coach was a sage of wisdom when I was playing High School football. He drilled us endlessly on our primary responsibility: protecting the quarterback long enough for him to do his job. There was no glamour or headlines in fulfilling our job, but that’s part of being a team and understanding your role in the bigger effort. While the quarterback was certainly a huge part of the team, he was not the ....
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