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Why Go Stringless? They’re hard to quantify, but the little benefits add up quickly
“We realize that stringless technology is the future of concrete paving and we want to be part of it,” says Jeff Flynn. That’s not just talk from Flynn, who has invested nearly $300,000 in automated machine control equipment for ...
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Rick Davidson – Positioning Pioneer
Advancements in technology and the industries they serve are often attributed to the dreams and persistence of a few innovative visionaries. 3D machine control and positioning is no exception, and has long recognized Rick Davidson as one of its fundamental pioneers. In 1980, Rick worked for Spectra ...
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Technology Hones Competitive Edge For Toronto Construction Firm
Most changes to construction methods are broadly embraced for the savings in time, energy and labor they produce. One would be hard-pressed, for example, to find a worker who, when ...
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Taking Control of Your Bottom Line
Back in the 1980’s I was working as a field surveyor in Seattle Washington. One of our projects was quality assurance on a freeway bridge in West Seattle, WA. The prime contractor was Peter Kiewit and Sons (PKS). It was the first of many Heavy and Highway projects I got a chance to work ...
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Tigers and Graders
I would be willing to bet that no matter how little you think you know about the evolution of military tanks in the 20th Century you have still heard of the German Tiger tank. And you have heard of it for good reason. It was a weapon to be feared. Based on the simple evolutionary idea of adding a bigger ...
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Data Management: Going Beyond File Organization
This information will be important to you for the next five years. This is more than talking about a thumb drive of a surface being kept in a safe place. We will be discussing intellectual property, profit, liability protection, production and more. I do not have the ability to see around corners, but what ...
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GPS Elevations - Staying Out of Trouble - Part 1: Managing the Geoid
The Machine Control industry has invested billions of dollars outfitting heavy equipment with GPS and software primarily for the purpose of moving dirt. The efficiencies that can be gained through this automated approach have been proven repeatedly so we are witnessing an explosion of this technology ...
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The Machine Control System And Installation Requirements
My first article gave an overview of landfill design and the benefits of using machine control as part of normal landfill operating practices. This article continues the theme and will present an overview of the machine control functionality and operation and the components and installation ...
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Ron Ciccarone
Trimble Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition Part 2 - Takeoff
This is not an article about rockets or airplanes; it deals with dirt and items needed to submit a bid for a construction site. This is where it begins for the contractor, you must get the project. To win the bid for the project, a thorough, accurate, timely and competitive bid is critical. Takeoff is ...
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