Machine Control eMagazine - Vol2, No3
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From the Editor: Mining our Future When we launched Machine Control Online, we reported that 3D machine control technology had been implemented on just 8-10% of the world's machines, at least those that were candidates for positioning. Our data still supports this approximation, meaning that 90% of the market has not yet made the investment. Given the well documented, positive impacts of the technology, the coming adoption .... Read the Article
Responsible Mining & 3D Machine Control When you hear the words surface mining several things may come to mind. You may think about the important role mining plays in manufacturing consumer and industrial goods. You may think how mining provides affordable energy to over 40% of the world. You may have concerns about potential risks mining can bring to the environment including air quality and ground water. Whatever your .... Read the Article
Developer/Homebuilder Has Things 'Under Control' Rob Shuster is, by nature, a patient man. He knows that his profession as a developer and homebuilder demands it, having to deal with customers who are facing one of the biggest decisions of their lives. In the past, however, that patience has been tested repeatedly, not as much by customers as by suppliers of products and services who've forced him to work around their .... Read the Article
EU Research Project ASPHALT Successfully Completed As few construction sites as possible, finished as quickly as possible--that's what everyone who uses roads wants. Only if all operations at construction sites proceed without trouble can this be attained. Additionally, if processes are reciprocally coordinated with precision, work can be completed more quickly and with optimum results. Optimum results equal top-quality .... Read the Article
How 3D Technology Pays Dividends For a whole host of reasons, Mike Viehdorfer really likes the stringless control system on his new GOMACO GHP-2800 concrete paver. He works for Manatts Inc., a diversified, family-owned construction company based in Brooklyn, Iowa. For this U.S. Highway 71 project in northwest Iowa, Mike is the project manager, and this is his second major stringless paving project. Typically .... Read the Article
Finding Government Contracts There are many opportunities for substantial contracts with the US Government. However, finding your way through all the Govt. websites and learning some of the unique Govt. nomenclature and acronyms can be a time-consuming task. In this article I will discuss some basics and key indicators that should save you a considerable amount of time. First, some basic terms you should know .... Read the Article
Data for Road Detours As our nation's infrastructure continues to be repaired and upgraded, many opportunities are presenting themselves for the contractor. We see freeways being widened and expanded, bridges being replaced and entire town's streets and utilities being redone at one time. A common thread that runs through these projects is the need for some type of detour. These are temporary and need to perform for .... Read the Article
What Is Data? Data. Model. File. TIN. Linework. Surface. DTM. Faces. The list goes on. Whatever you call it, it is the same. It's the site specific information that is uploaded into your GPS equipped machinery and devices. It's the data that makes GPS worth the investment. If you have yet to have to deal with using it, or getting it, don't feel too bad--you are not alone. As GPS equipped machinery and devices become more accurate .... Read the Article
Surveyor 2.0—The Next Generation The profession of land surveying has constantly evolved. Basic principles of trigonometry are still at the foundation of land measurements, but the roles of a land surveyor, the tools that are employed and the governance surrounding land divisions have been a continuous story of change. Today's successful land surveyor has found a way to survive the changes to his business that have .... Read the Article
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