Machine Control eMagazine - Vol3, No1
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From The Editor: The Road Ahead Having been to the election crossroads and averted the fiscal cliff, news seems to be generally positive: the outlook for the construction industry is improving for 2013. The latest US Federal jobs report lists unemployment at 7.8% but a Washington Post report states one fifth of new jobs are in the construction industry. This is just the .... Read the Article
Filling the PNT Hole—Why Non-Satellite-Based Technology is Urgently Needed Despite its impressive legacy of success driving many essential position, navigation and time (PNT) capabilities, GPS is not an infallible system and requires improvement to meet new threats, needs and PNT challenges, some of which go beyond GPS's obvious vulnerability to interference and dependence on an aging satellite constellation. Make .... Read the Article
Lithium: A Critical Element On August 23, 2012, advanced materials giant Chengdu Tianqi Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. bought Perth-based Talison Lithium in an $847 million deal and potentially changed the course of technological development for the next century. Without much fanfare from the average consumer, a single corporation acquired control major part of the world's supply of lithium, a vital element increasingly crucial to electronic and energy .... Read the Article
Steeling an Advantage Whether it is on a personal level or in the form of a corporate direction, embracing new and innovative ideas is the cornerstone of growth. Stifling that tendency opens an organization up to the risk of stagnation and the loss of any competitive edge. Recognizing that looming possibility, Summit Industries, which had for some time been considering the use of GPS, recently made some bold moves in that direction and has .... Read the Article
Gargantuan Fast-Track Interstate Project The project is the expansion and reconstruction of 24 miles of I-15 in Utah--the equivalent of 435 lane miles. Included in the job are 66 lane miles of cross-street improvements, the rebuilds or replacements of 10 interchanges, 63 new or modified bridges, 12 temporary bridges, retaining and noise walls, and all the drainage/utility/electrical support for .... Read the Article
Surface Miners Open pit mining is among mankind's largest manufacturing and process-intensive operations. With huge investments in land, mining permits, human resources and equipment, mining companies are constantly analyzing their processes for improved production and safety. As a result of this pursuit, mining has historically unearthed new technologies that not only benefited their bottom line, but has benefited other industries .... Read the Article
Stakeless, Stringless—Top To Bottom The construction of a short stretch of a state highway in northeast Arkansas reveals the potential of using stakeless, stringless construction techniques to complete an entire highway cross-section, from subgrade to base to paved surface. Almost as importantly, the project utilizes automated grade control technologies on some machines that are relatively new to them. Starting in late summer 2012, Weaver-Bailey .... Read the Article
The Three C's of Data The first time I heard of building data, it was presented to me as a job where I would be `building data for machine control.' I had no idea what that meant. I imagined it must have something to do with moving large industrial equipment within a factory by some form of programmed automation. Now, nearly nine years later, it is fun to look back at my first thoughts and impressions of what exactly building data would be. All .... Read the Article
Hybrid Data: the Future of Road Modeling Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Ever since machine control became a productive tool, contractors have been asking engineers for more and better data. The engineers and software vendors have responded with design tools that help to provide more robust data for use in machine control. Like any change, there is an adaptation curve and growing .... Read the Article
GNSS or Total Station?—Selecting the Right Tool for the Job The world has never seen the perfect tool that does it all. In the positioning domain, both GNSS and total stations have earned their place. Especially in the construction and machine control industries, these systems have become commonplace. GNSS has strengths over total stations and total stations have strengths over GNSS. What are the considerations that should be taken into account regarding which tool to buy or .... Read the Article
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